Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~Identify the need~

Today I wanted to do something a little bit different and share this blog post that I posted a few months ago, May these words bring you encouragement and help you to learn what it really means to give to others!
I've heard it said "give until it hurts" But somehow I find that wrong..If you give everything that you have then there is nothing left of your self, You must first be able to see the value within yourself before you can go out there to help others, But some of us are victims of giving too much to the point that we can no longer help because we have become broken Emotionally, financially, mentally, and physically to the point that we begin to struggle in our lives. Now I'm not saying don't give or help others, all I'm saying is we must be lead of God to help others and feel peace about it, Because there's a big difference in "Pity" and "Obedience"
"Pity" is what we feel inside ourselves toward people who are struggling with a need and we feel for them because of their need but we feel badly that we cannot help them.
"Obedience" is something God puts in us and he gives us the peace that we can help this person's need and it's of God and God will provide to you what you need to give to help that person.
This world is in a lot of trouble right now, Due to financial stress, loss of health insurance, loss of jobs, losing their homes etc. There are so many people in need right now But there are also many that are using false needs because they are hooked on drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, That is why we must be careful these days, Because if we give without praying about it first and the ones that are falsely presenting themselves as ones "in need" then what will we have left to give to the ones that really do have "a need" when we've already given to the ones that really just wanted some money for "a drink" instead of  "a meal" and I know it seems like I'm preaching to the choir right now But this must be said! The first place people of false pretenses always seem to come to is the church first! It's true! And why is that you ask? It's because most of them are the ones that were raised in church when they were just small children! And I know it hurts sometimes when we cannot give, Not because we don't care or wouldn't give to someone, But because you feel like they don't think you would help anyone, when in reality that's what you do everyday is help people who really need the helping hand! Don't let them bring you down by that! God doesn't want you to feel that way, God wants you to feel good that you listened to his voice and Maybe God held you back from giving to someone who doesn't really "need" any help so you would be able to help someone who really does need your help!
When in doubt pray! God will give you a feeling of Peace if it's right, And God will give you the understanding to know when it's not right! Be obedient to God no matter what anyone may say to you!
Have the confidence in God that it's all going to work out and that the ones who have lost their way will find themselves back in church and give up the drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol! Pray for them that they will see the truth that they need Jesus in their life!
Let this feeling of sadness and pity for the ones who didn't really need help roll off your shoulders and give that to God! God knows your heart and that you desire to help others but Satan knows that also and Satan will try his best to make you feel as though this is your fault and that you don't really care about helping others, But Satan is a big fat Liar! don't listen to Satan! Instead listen to what God says about you and remind yourself daily of the value that God sees in YOU! Ask God to help you to see the real need in people and to have the wisdom to identify the ones who have false needs, He will show you if you'll ask him to reveal it to you!

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