Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~Where am I needed?~

It's very important that we realize where we are needed, many people have more than one talent and can be used in those areas to work in the church, now just because you have a certain talent in something..that doesn't always mean that's your calling but it just means that's another area of ministry that you can help out other words we can be a helper under someone else's area of ministry and follow them, allowing them to lead! God will bless you for respecting such leaders and you will have a better perspective on other ministries out there and that will teach you valuable lessons that you'll be able to use in your own area of ministry someday!
We need to be a follower and then a leader because that will teach us more of the things that are important and will allow us to watch the leader over us and learn what they can teach us to apply to our own area of ministry in the future!
Understand that it's important to learn to respect your leaders, they were sent to teach you valuable lessons that you will benefit from and you can pass on to those who will follow you someday!
Think about the story of Moses and Joshua, Joshua was a follower of Moses and he had great respect for him and Joshua did whatever Moses asked of him to do, After Moses passed away it was up to Joshua to bring God's people into the promise land and he used what he learn from Moses to lead God's people!
That is what we need to do, we need to follow as Joshua did and prepare ourselves for the things to come until we step into the ministry that God has called us to!
Respect your leaders, offer to help them, don't ask why or complain, learn from them all they can offer, don't talk gossip about your never know what they've protected you from or defended you when others have gossiped about you, and most them up as they've built you up when you were once down! Be a helping hand to them and someday you'll have followers that will go far to help you!

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