Monday, May 19, 2014

~The past is in the past!~

A while back I was pondering this thought..what if thinking about our life in the past is contradicting the future ahead of us? 
If your memories hold you back from moving toward your future then you need to establish a different mindset for yourself, the past is the past for a reason..meaning save thinking back on those memories to when you have a rainy day and you need some cheering up! Don't remind yourself of the hard times..unless you are remembering what you've come out of in your life!
Don't allow yourself to long for what used to be, instead make a better future for yourself and don't worry yourself about those things!
Don't stress yourself out just because your life isn't all rainbows and butterflies currently, instead be positive and have the outlook of "I won't always be in this place in my life!" "This too shall pass!" Have those kind of thoughts and don't concern yourself with the things of the past, it's time to move forward and pursue better things..bigger things of God! It's time to step into the future that God has been preparing you for! Step into that calling God has in store for you and trust that God has better times ahead of you..don't think for a second that the best is over and done..Instead think to yourself that God is just warming up and the best is yet to come! Good things are on the horizon for your life..say goodbye to old horizons and welcome even better ones ahead of you!
God's not finished with you stop telling yourself that he is! God's not done and neither are you!

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