Saturday, May 31, 2014

~I'm a Dreamer~

Let me ask you a question..What exactly are dreams made up of? 
To me dreams are the visions that we hope to bring into reality, the things that we refuse to give up on and see them come to pass, the things that makes us truly happy just to think about, I believe that we dream up the best world that we know how to in our minds..especially when our world is anything but perfect, as humans we simply do the best we know how to and most of us work hard to make our dreams become a reality and we refuse to give up on our matter how big that dream may seem to other people..keep in mind that the only reason why it seems too big in their minds is because that's not their dream nor does it make them happy as it does you, so how could they understand something as complex as your dreams? ..They can't.
I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says.."The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
If you can dream can do it, just have a little faith on the days when you feel like giving up on your owe it to yourself to follow your heart and dream a good dream to make this world a much better place and to make your dreams come true!
You are the only one that knows what makes you feel the happiest and you are the only one that can walk down the road that leads to your dreams..take chances, if you make a mistake..move past it on to better things, you are the only one that knows what you dream of what it takes to make them come to pass and you will be truly happy in your life! 
Next.. serve God and if by some chance your dreams fall through God will then bring to life a new dream for you..just seek him and you will discover so much more than you could ever imagine or dream up in your own mind! God knows what stirs your heart..even better than you do, you can trust him with your whole heart, your hopes, and yes..even your dreams!
Your dreams are powerful and they can change the world and they can also change dream Big things! Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith when it comes to your dreams!

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