Thursday, May 1, 2014

~To be loved~

When it comes down to it we all want one thing in life that is the same desire..To be loved by another, 
We all want this one simple, yet complex thing that takes a lifetime to find at times!
Deep down inside us all is a voice of reason and a desire to find more out there to fill up the void in our lives,
We want to find true love that knows no end but we somehow won't allow ourselves to have the faith that true love really exists!
I know it seems impossible for some to believe in true love but for the few left that still do believe in true love are the ones that never give up on finding "The One" I know about this because I'm one of those "few" who really believes in the pureness that true love can bring!
Though I've seen relationships end many times between people I'm close to or friends of the family, I cannot deny the fact that I'm a believer of the sweetest, most pure kind of love that there is and that's true love!
I've been called corny, hopeless and shameful for how romantic I am in the thought of the love that is waiting out there for me but the truth of the matter is that I'm happy with or without finding my true love because I've found the true love that I've been looking for in God!
That brings me to another subject..I will never push God aside for a man, because no man could ever offer me more happiness than my Father God has offered to me! He is the lover of my soul, the hope to my dreams, and the love that fills my heart!
I love God! I am his and he is mine and he will never leave me behind!
It may be cloudy or sunny but no one can offer me the warm kind of love that my God gives to me!
I know where I would be without the love of God..where would you be? Ask yourself that very question today and perhaps I can convince you that though your heart is breaking or has been broken before..there is true love waiting out there for everyone that truly believes that it still exists and that it isn't extinct! Love is waiting for you..Give your heart to Jesus and you'll never be disappointed ever again and with time God will send your true love your way! love still exists for those who would believe and those people are called.. "young at heart"

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