Monday, August 11, 2014

~Fix my eyes on you~

There are so many things around us that can be so distracting these days, whether it be a commercial or seeing a picture in a magazine! There are so many temptations out there in the's better to just give it all up and surrender every part of yourself to God..We need to place our hearts in his hands so that he can make it pure and he can wipe away the filthiness that the sin that this world has tempted us into can become clean and pure before the eyes of our father!
Another thing we need to do is apply the word of God into areas of our lives that we are confused about and study up on the temptations..learning how you can avoid those temptations!
And most of all we need to focus on the plans that God has in store for our lives, We need to understand that God sees the good in us and he gave us grace because of his steadfast love toward us all! 
We need to fix our eyes on the goodness of God and stop looking around in the world for things that will not ever compare to the goodness of God! We need to humble ourselves and pray to God so that he can take control of our lives and lead us where we need to go and what we need to do and even what we don't need to do or go! 
God knows us the very best so wouldn't it make much more sense to put our full trust in him?
No matter what addictions you may have..God can break you of those addictions! It doesn't matter what it may be, whether your temptations are alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, bad habits, lying, stealing, cheating, violence..the list goes on and on! God is the cure for all addictions! Whatever it is..God is everything you'll ever need to survive!
If you will commit to him and fix your eyes on everything that God is then he will help you to make it through anything and everything!
God is our provider, our comforter, our friend, our healer, our freedom, our deliverer, our miracle worker! If you can name it..God can break it! Give it to God and watch him transform your life!

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