Monday, August 25, 2014

~Still have some fight left?~

I don't know about you but I grow tired of Satan's schemes against me and It makes me want to come out swinging, I grow tired of the enemy's lies and devise!
Satan always seems to think that he's still going to win..which is why he's going to continue to pressure us in our lives, he's hoping that he'll break us down enough that he'll have defeated us once and for all! We mustn't allow the enemy to destroy and wreck havoc on our lives! We can rise up and say to Satan.."Get your hands off of me Satan, I'm a child of God!"
Satan no longer has any hold upon us..nor can he control our lives anymore! When we place our lives in God's hands, God makes it easier because every time Satan shows up hoping to destroy us, we are no longer alone and defenseless because God is right there to help us in our moment of need, no matter what it is that Satan may be doing to try his hardest to bring harm to your life..God is going to bring your life to safety! Whatever Satan may be tempting you with in your life..God is the one who's going to help you through it!
As long as your life belongs to God you no longer have to fear Satan's plans or schemes against you because God has already made a way for us to be with him and he's already won the battle! Satan has no right to cause problems in your belong to God!
Satan has no power over you! 
Satan will not win so why should he cause you to fear?
It's time to light a fire within yourself again and let it burn! It's time to stop listening to Satan's lies! It's time to fight for what the devil has stolen from's yours, take it back with force!

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