Thursday, August 21, 2014

~I can see it now..~

They say.."The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.."
But who walked down the path first? Who dreamed of the good life that it could be? And what did someone have to do to make those things happen in their life?
I have so many thoughts racing through my mind tonight about what to write, but sometimes I like to share something with you that's more on a personal level and share with you some of my deepest and most dear ideals on life in general!
Here's what's going on in my mind..sit back and enjoy as I tell you where my heart and my mind wants to travel to..
Have you really stopped and thought about where you came from or what your ancestors did to pave the way for you to make it into this world? We need to revisit the ground of which they once stood and realize the  value of things again! I look around me and I see a world full of people who have no clue what they can accomplish with a paper, a pen and an idea..because they no longer know how to dream or imagine things for themselves..instead they have people telling them what they can and cannot do!
People have stopped seeing the value of things, they've stopped feeling the passion inside of their spirit, they've stopped setting goals because they have lost the faith in their dreams and sadly..they've lost faith in themselves as well.
If you have an idea write it down at that very moment..don't wait because you'll eventually forget what that idea was or where you were when it came to your mind! 
Stop wasting precious time doing the things that don't matter to you..find out what you want out of this life and set a goal to do just that!
What others think is important sometimes too and we learn good things from others but the truth of the matter is if you were put on this earth to do something different from anyone else in your family, don't be afraid to do it just because it's something have two hands to use but you also have a mind to use if that's what you're passionate about! 
There are many people who came from a long line of farmers and down the family line someone suddenly decided that they wanted to become a teacher instead of becoming a farmer but that's alright! Use the gift that God himself gave to you, 
you can make a bigger difference by following down a new road that has been paved by your own two hands and if you must walk it alone at first that's alright too..
There may be some of you that came from a long line of atheists but you believed strongly in your heart that there was a God that formed all of existence..sometimes we leave behind what we know to pursue what we want to learn, it's not easy but it's necessary for us to find out the truth by seeing it in a whole new perspective!
God formed our very being and breathed life into our lungs, 
we are built up of purpose and fully equipped with strong hearts that we might pursue God's purpose over our lives! After all.. He once used a donkey for his glory! If he can do that, he can certainly use you! 
Don't give up that promise..fight for it with all that you have inside of you! Never allow Satan or instruments of the enemy cause you to miss out on God's calling over your life and don't ever stop dreaming, setting goals, having faith, being passionate, or believing in your own abilities and gifts! God has a plan for each and every one of us that we would succeed in the dreams that He has purposed inside of us to seek and follow after..keep moving forward toward that dream and don't stop until you reach the very place where dreams come true because you made them come true on your own!

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