Saturday, August 23, 2014

~Trust Issues~

There are some people who would trust a stranger more than they would their own family when it comes to talking about things that happened to them because sometimes their family just doesn't listen to them and it feels as though they don't care even though you know that they love you.
sometimes the problem isn't the obvious thing that you thought it was at first but instead it goes deeper than other words sometimes we are really just afraid and we create the excuse that it's our family that is holding us back but in reality it's our own fears and lack of trust within ourselves that has for so long held us back from the things that we dream of or need!
How is it that we are sometimes afraid to tell others when we are in pain or to even share with our loved ones opportunities that have been opened up for us, or why is it that we cannot speak what our heart has been saying to us? There's a battle going on inside of us that is a war within ourselves..a war of which we are fighting no one but ourselves! What if we could only put to rest those fears and no longer allow trust to be an issue that continues to hold us back..what if we could overcome all fear and merely share our ideals and dreams with our loved ones? What if we could do that and no longer be afraid of change in our lives?
I don't know about you but I'm tired of feeling too afraid to trust others with certain things in my life and I'm tired of being afraid to take chances in my's healthier for us to open up about our fears than it is to hold on to them on our own! You don't have to be afraid or worry about what people will think or say or maybe you're afraid that they won't say anything at all! If you're tired of it then change your ways because life is too short to be afraid all the time in your life, and there are more opportunities that work out than there are failures..we just have to try harder, learn to trust our instincts and learn to trust our loved ones with the truth..sometimes the truth hurts but wounds heal with time so use your words to express your gratitude, your joy, your sorrow, your triumph, your struggles, your goals and your affection for the loved ones around you! Don't live your life in fear any longer..trusting is not the issue..the issue is your lack of trust within yourself because you're fearful of what may happen next in your life after you utter words from your mouth. Don't let fear consume you and hold you back from being truly happy..because a lot of God's plans involve us to step out of our comfort zones and allow God to use us in a bigger ways!

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