Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~Surrender:Learning to let-go~

Why is it that we sometimes hold on to the things that are causing us pain in our lives? It just seems crazy, right? We hold tight to the things that matter..which isn't the problem but we sometimes need help learning to let-go of the things that aren't important! Like when someone says something like.."I don't really like that color on you.." Or maybe.."that food wasn't good that you made.." Or perhaps even assuming things like.. "they didn't hug me so they must be angry with me.."  We must learn to Let it go! It's hard when you have so many questions going around in your mind but you deserve peace in your life so just let that go and move forward to the good things in life again! Move past that pain, that anger..those things are long gone now so look to the future instead and picture yourself smiling again!
I know it feels as though the pain you're feeling will last forever but it's only temporary I promise you, I know it's hard to continue in your daily life at times but with God's help you're going to get through it! Surrender all that you're going through to God today and I know that it's going to be alright because God is going to take good care of you and guide you safely past the situation you're going through at this moment in your life! Trust in him..He alone is never failing and with him it's going to all work out for the good..have faith in him!
Jeremiah 20:11-13
"11 But the Lord is with me as a dread warrior; therefore my persecutors will stumble; they will not overcome me. They will be greatly shamed,
for they will not succeed.
Their eternal dishonor
will never be forgotten.
12 O Lord of hosts, who tests the righteous, who sees the heart and the mind, let me see your vengeance upon them, for to you have I committed my cause.
13 Sing to the Lord;
praise the Lord!
For he has delivered the life of the needy from the hand of evildoers."

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