Tuesday, August 5, 2014

~Waiting on a miracle..~

Everyone has something that they've long waited for in their lives, whether it be the career of your dreams, building the house of your dreams, receiving a healing in your body, receiving a financial miracle, maybe something like you and your spouse needing a miracle of having a baby? Or maybe you're like me..maybe you're waiting on Mr. Right..the person that God created just for you and the reason why you're not married yet is because you decided not to settle just for someone who was a nice person..perhaps you wanted the ministry to go along with it? Does that sound like you?
It's not easy waiting for the thing that you most want in this whole world..but the thing that helps you to keep waiting is the fact that you only want that one person in your life, or the perfect career opportunity, or for the doctor to tell you that it must be a miracle because you're healed! Or maybe you've just poured the foundation of your new home! Whatever it may be, God has a plan for us all..and he knows what we dream of, he even remembers the dreams that we had forgotten we had and he has the perfect moment to place those things into our lives!
I can only imagine how it must feel to find the right person that you know God has made just for you..believe me I have imagined every single detail of the first time we meet to us growing old together because I take it very seriously, I think the reason why marriages are failing these days is because no one takes things seriously anymore, nor do they believe in true love or something as beautiful as waiting until your wedding night..no one takes it to heart anymore and perhaps they don't give their whole heart and self the way that they should..there are so many reason why marriages and relationships are ending, and I'm not an expert based on being in relationships that are on and off like some people do but I have watched my friends and friends of friends being in off and on relationships that is simply painful to watch! It's just so sad that they cannot be happy, mostly because they refuse to surrender to love or allow themselves to a lasting future with someone! It hurts to watch them trying half way and them having the same outcome every time! I can see how exhausted they are from trying so many people out..many of them even try living with every boyfriend/girlfriend they've had and still they wonder why it won't workout..they won't allow themselves to just be single and place it in God's hands and wait for that right person the old fashioned way..there's nothing wrong with being different than those of this world, they may look at you funny when they hear you say the word "Virgin" but at the end of the day you have peace in your heart and spirit knowing that the right person is going to come along and they will be forever..when their relationships will go from person to person until they simply give up on love completely being alone or they marry someone who doesn't treat them as good as they should! It's a harsh thought but I've seen it happen to some nice people all because they gave up on what they dreamed of and gave in to what the world thinks you should dream of! I don't know about you but the decisions that I want to make are the ones that allow me to sleep at night and have peace in my life! They say.."Faith makes a fine pillow!" 
I hope this helps you to believe in the future again and don't ever give up on your beautiful dreams! God has a purpose for those dreams..all you have to do is continue believing in them and go after them even though others don't always want to follow along behind you, at the end of the day..the person that has to be happy is you..not them so don't worry about their criticism because they don't have to live with your choice..you do, so do what makes you truly and fully happy with yourself! Believe in the beauty of your dreams and follow your Jesus when you no longer trust your heart because the heart can be wrong at times but God is never wrong so we can always trust him with our heart and our dreams!
Jeremiah 29:11
"11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Don't give up on that dream of yours, it may feel like it's the end because of the struggles that you have faced in your life but if you'll trust in The Lord's plan this time and decide that you're not going to settle for less but only accept God's very best..it's going to be worth it, you will see!
I haven't given up, I didn't listen to them when they told me not to wait but instead I listened to the plans that God intended just for me to have and I am happy because I have peace in the waiting, you can have that same feeling as well! Trust him with your whole heart and he won't ever steer you wrong!

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