Wednesday, June 11, 2014

~Even when the rain falls..~

Through the years we go through things in our lives and we can either be greatful and learn from the bad times we've gone through or we can become bitter and drown in our sorrow..but each person either takes things one way or the other way, a person has to move on in some way..whether it may be "backward" or "forward" a person does in fact "move on" even in a "standstill" a person is still in motion because the world around them is still turning, you can either go with the flow of life even though there are interruptions, but life goes on..simply because it must!
It's not always easy and hard days can show up just as quickly as the good days come and go by us, but God is always there for us even when at times we feel like our day is peachy and going better than fine..almost as if we didn't need God on that day at all..But that's when we really need to pray is when it seems as though our lives are "just right" when in fact Satan is making plans to destroy us and attack us by surprise..hoping that we won't see it coming..which normally we really don't see it coming! Satan can surprise us quicker than a hiccup! So watch out and be prepared in prayer for those times when he does this!
Satan is always planning something miserable for us to go through so it's best that we are prayed up and ready to go through what the Devil has been planning for us and know that God is with us in those times..
I like to think of this song in those times.."Even when the rain falls, even when the floods start rising, even when the storm comes, I am washed by the water, even when the earth crumbles under my feet, even when the ones I love turn around and crucify me, I will never ever let you down, I won't fall, I won't fall, I won't fall as long as you're around me!"
No matter what happens in your life, even when your friends have deserted you or even your family, God will never let you down! You won't fall as long as you're holding on to God's hand! And if you do let go and you fall down..God will be there to pick you right back up again! He loves you and is proud to call you his child! Stay prayed up and don't let Satan have the upper hand over you! God's going to get you through it..just like he always has and like he always will! Trust in him even through life's circumstances make you want to question God but don't worry because he knows just what you're facing and he's right there helping you to get out of that! God is there..don't think he's not! Pray to him and ask him to show you the best path to take to get out of your situation so you can move on to good times again in your life! God is with you at all times!

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