Sunday, June 15, 2014

~"Used" things can become "New" things!~

Have you ever felt "used" by someone? If you have, it really hurts at times, sometimes it can cause such heartache and distress..especially if you are used by someone that you have feelings for or by a family member,
When this happens it causes you to question who you are and who you can trust, you ask yourself.."if I can't trust them, then who can I trust?"  Or "If they lied to me and claimed that they loved me..then maybe everyone is that way..maybe I should just accept it.." 
Don't do that to yourself! Don't place the blame on yourself when it was them that lied to you and hurt you!
You are better than what you're being offered! Don't settle for dishonesty! And stop telling yourself that maybe you deserved this in some way! You deserve real love, real loyalty and real respect! Don't settle for less..when you deserve the best!
In this life there are many things that can give us sorrow and such heartache but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way!
If you've been used by someone dear to you then I want you to say this.."Used things can become new things!" It's not over for can grow a new heart to be able to love anew and your trust can be rebuilt for people..don't go back to the liar that hurt you..instead move forward to find the one who would never desert you! Don't give up the faith though you've been hurt and your heart may still be hurting from the wounds that someone else has caused you in your life! Move into something better for your life!
Go up that hill though it may seem steep at's worth it to make it to the other side!
Think of all the wonderful things that you can do once you let God do the mending! Don't move into another relationship until you've repaired your broken heart first! Allow God to mend your broken heart..God can even give you a new heart!
Broken things can become blessed things when you let God do the mending! 
Also if you give God your heart..he will keep it safe from getting hurt again! Pray first about all things and If you feel uneasy about it then know that it's not right! Always take the high road in life..because it's a much smoother ride and you will dodge a lot of heart-ships that way!

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