Saturday, June 21, 2014

~It's time for a Breakthrough!~

We all have something in our lives that we want to overcome..It may be that you're judgmental, or maybe you have a bad habit of stretching the truth all the time, you may be too blunt with people and tend to hurt their feelings without realizing that you did, or perhaps you are like me and you wish that you weren't so shy around people all the time, maybe you are trying to overcome doubt in your life.. Whatever it may be, God is the solution to that problem! If it's a habit..he can help you to break them! It's not too hard for God to get you out of that! All it takes on your end is to simply realize that you cannot do it on your own..God is a miracle worker and he can get you through just need to give it to him and he will help you to break out of that problem, habit or generational curse! If your problem is something that was passed down to you from your genes..God can break those things off of you as well! Whatever it may be..God is the answer for that problem! Place it in God's hands and ask him to help you to learn how to change!
God helped me in many ways, I was so shy that I didn't want to speak my feelings to anyone..I wasn't even comfortable talking to my whole family at once! But God helped me out of that and I know that I never would've been able to write like I do now..if God hadn't helped me to overcome those things! God has brought me into so many new things in my life..all because I gave my life, my hopes and dreams to him to use me as he would! Now look what he has done in my life..he has given me the courage to write these blogs and ideals and also to sing in front of a crowd without being afraid, and to laugh in public and not care how loud I'm laughing because I want to share my joy with others..the joy of The Lord in infectious! 
God is the God of the breakthrough! He can break the chains over your life today if only you'd give him control over your life! It's the best decision I've ever made in my life! It's so worth it when you are free from all doubt and fear! When you're free from depression and disappointment! When you're free from sorrow and pain! When you're free from struggles and addictions! Whatever it may be..God is going to get you out of that! Put your life in his hands and trust him because he knows your heart and he knows how to make you happier than you could ever do on your own!

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