Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~You are my world~

I've come to realize in the past few years what it truly means to surrender your whole world to God, it's not about becoming famous and big in the worlds eyes and it's not about your appearance or your fashion choices, it's not about how much money you make or even what your job description is.. It's really not about any of those things, because those things pass away and won't matter someday! 
However, what is important is our relationship with God and our devotion to him!
It's important that we understand the meaning of this life and that we know that we should be surrendering our lives to God, we should remember what it's all about..It's about making our lives bring honor to God and it's about giving God our whole life and making God our whole world!
When many of us were children our parents would hold out their arms the widest they could and say.."I love you this Big.." So why should we treat our relationship with God any different? We should understand the importance of our relationship with God and give our lives to him on a daily basis because we want to bring honor to him and we want to show our love for him, not just because of all he's done but because of all that he is and all that he's going to do!
Bring God the honor due his name and all blessings will follow after..trust in him, depend on him, worship him, honor him, surrender your whole life to him and let him be your whole world!
There's a worship song that has been dear to my heart for a long time and it says this.."You are my world, You are my God, and I lay down my life for you, You are my Lord, the one that I love, no one could ever take your place"
I think that is how our lives should bring glory to the almighty God, we need to have this same purpose.. each of us as Christians to let our lives be a living sacrifice to the living God and honor him with our whole life!
It's all about him, it's not about us and we need to realize that..WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT GOD!
God, You are my world..You are my God and I lay down my life for you..

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