Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~Today is the day!~

Forgiveness doesn't keep reminding you of your past mistakes.. forgiveness whispers.."today is a new day!" That's the beauty of grace! Accept it and forgive yourself! Stop trying to explain yourself all the time and get on with the rest of your life!
Jesus died for you so that you could get past the burden of sin! Stand up and make the choice today to follow him and leave the worries of this world behind! It seems like all we do in this world is try to fit in somewhere in it..when clearly all this world wants to do is judge us and push us away from our relationship to God! 
When you're standing face to face to God someday..there won't be anyone standing beside you, you will stand alone responsible for what you've done in your life, when you go along with your friend's are just as guilty because you didn't try to stop your friend, don't allow those mistakes to ruin your are better than that and you could be so much more happy if you'd turn away from those mistakes and never go back to that place!
 Move on and accept grace, it's already been given we just have to reach out and take it and never go back to the old person that we were yesterday!
Stop playing games in're the one that ends up losing, don't keep going down that real and true in your life and everything good will follow after that!
If you'll surrender your whole life to God you'll be able to do much more with your life! You'll have joy when you wake up, you'll get your passion back, you'll be able to make trustworthy friends, you'll be more driven to help people and even be able to go after your dreams!
You can do all of these things when you put your whole life in his hands..your heart will be kept safe in God's hands and you'll make much wiser choices even in that area of your life! 
Put yourself in better hands by trusting in God's plan and you will be much happier in life! I promise you.. it's always worth it when it comes to serving God!

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