Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Show some respect!~

It seems like nowadays there are a lot more families that are so dysfunctional, you see Parents not spending enough valuable time with their kids, you see kids showing no respect for their parents and in result they don't have respect for any other adults..such as their teachers! Marriages aren't lasting mostly because there isn't mutual respect and they weren't taught by their parents what love and respect really is and how valuable it is in a marriage! And when there's no respect how can there be trust?
It's so hard to watch and it's something that is destroying mankind! It's tearing apart families, marriages, friendships, it's even ruining chances of a successful future for individuals!
There's more than just lack of respect but also people just don't take life seriously anymore, when that happens no one makes plans anymore and people become careless and there's nothing that gets finished..all their hopes, dreams, and goals are wasted because they never give themselves a chance in life!
They fail to realize just how valuable they really are and how important they are in this world..they could change the world if only they knew just how valuable they really are! If people would respect others more and take life seriously then maybe marriages would last like they used to, maybe families wouldn't breakup, maybe true friendship could be molded, and maybe we could make this world a better place for our future children and our future grandchildren!
The opportunity is in our hands daily to do with it what we will, it all comes down to this..Respect, Honesty, Trust, and it all starts with a dream that we go after without ceasing..that we make happen because we believe in something that can change the world back to the good place that it used to be!
Respect yourself enough to follow your dreams and what makes you happy, Respect others and they will help you make those dreams become reality! Respect your parents and your teachers and they will always be there when you need counsel, Respect every stranger that you meet by showing kindness and it won't be long until you have an honest, good group of friends that respect you and support your goals in life! 
Don't cheat yourself out of a good life just because you've been hurt by people you've trusted and they failed you..instead move on and keep respecting others until the right people find their way to you! You are valuable so don't waste precious time with people who don't value you!
You should want to be around people that lift you up when you're down, people who talk you back up to the top when you're down in the dumps of life, you want to be around people who take the time to listen to you even when you don't know what words to say! People who will straighten you out when you need it! That's who you want to be around! Someone who asks how you're doing instead of you just asking them, That's what true friends are like and anything less than that isn't a true friend..because friends deeply care about your well being and they want to see you happy! Respect others like you'd like to be respected!

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