Sunday, June 8, 2014

~Stress can become Less!~

As humans we are anything but perfect and with that being said we can easily become overwhelmed at times but that's okay because we know who is indeed perfect and we can rest in knowing that God will relieve us of our heavy load!
I can't tell you enough just how great it feels to have a mighty God who can carry the heavy load that stress can hold on us! It feels amazing to just put it all in his hands and simply let go of all the worry that sometimes the world can burden us with!
We don't need to feel like we're in this alone or that God doesn't care about the fact that we're stressed out but I assure you that God really does care about the tough spot that you're in right now in your life, he sees your burden and he cares about the pain that you're going through! God wants us to always know that he is there to lift the load off our shoulders!
We can breathe easy in knowing that he deeply cares for us no matter how small it may seem in our own minds but find peace in knowing that God cares about that stress you are under and he wants to take that load off your shoulders today!
When stress leaves you so low you feel as though you can't carry on..give it to God and he will lighten your load! Give your stress and your worry to God me when I tell you that God can handle it for you! Know that you're not alone in that stressful situation..God is with you!

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