Friday, June 20, 2014

~Starting over~

We all try our best to make the right choices in life but often we end up making the wrong ones, the only way to truly "start over" is to first realize that you owe it to yourself to do it right this time around, many of the things that we do have consequences that we learn to live with and many times those choices end up changing our lives forever but sometimes those decisions end up making us into a better person and even allows us to see our future with wider eyes and bigger hearts..I think when that happens it's called "grace" because everything seems to turn around for the better in our lives and we end up learning valuable lessons that we learn to appreciate. 
I think it's important for us to look past some of the choices we've made before and allow ourselves to begin again and be happy..we could become happier than we've ever been before if we would give our lives to God to do the mending and restoring!
When it comes to God we can become new again and become happier than we were before!
We make life whatever it might be and if we give, love, forgive and show mercy to ourselves and to others around us..wouldn't that be starting over? If we could do that in our lives we could start seeing a whole new world to behold and we could share this life with people who truly appreciate it and who appreciate us as well! Think about that today..that you have the opportunity for a new beginning and a better start when you have God's grace in your life!
Today is THE DAY to make the changes that will benefit you and those around you for the rest of your life! Get ready for a better life, a chance for new opportunities to show up, better people to become your friend, a better outcome in all areas of your life! The only person who can make that choice is you, the power is in your hands..make that decision today and you'll be happier than you ever imagined that you could be! Put your life in God's hands and surrender your life to him and ask him to make you new so you can start over and never look back to yesterday but instead move forward..looking ahead at new things on the horizon! The future belongs to those that have the courage to go after their dreams and the ones that pick a day to make those dreams happen because they believe their dreams can make this world a much better place to live in! Choose today to start over and to truly be happy in your life..You are worth it!

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