Tuesday, June 3, 2014

~I don't want to be angry anymore!~

If there's one thing in life that I've learned, it's that being angry is pointless in life! It ruins good people's lives and causes them to change into the worst of things, I've never seen something tear apart a family faster than anger and of course at times there's alcoholism..which is also a very common issue in the world!
In fact there's absolutely nothing good that those two things can bring into your life! Why risk losing everything to simply try to prove that you're right all the time when in reality the only thing that becomes of you is that you end up bitter and hateful toward others! It's just a shame to me and such a waste!
Don't waste your life away by being angry at the time..don't you want to be free of that? Don't you want to have joy in your life?
Ask God to help you with that anger and if you are an alcoholic ask him to help you with that too! God will bring you peace today and you will find freedom from that addiction!
Ask God to guide you and teach you today, ask him to heal you of that!
You can do this! Don't wait..pray to God now and ask him to change your heart so you won't become easily angry from day to day! It's a new day..start today and become a changed person to be able to be used for God's glory! 
Leave yesterday behind and grab a hold of a more promising future!

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