Wednesday, November 19, 2014

~A Man of his word..who can find?"

Why is it so difficult to find a good person in the world nowadays? A Man or a Woman is almost impossible to find, it seems! But though it's hard..still it's very possible to find a "good one"
I've heard it said by many people that once you find "the one" it's even more difficult to "maintain" ..somehow I've never been able to believe that or even take it seriously, on the contrary! I believe and know of others that believes that once you meet "the right one" it's easy to maintain, because when it comes down to it we all want to find that "Godsend" the one that God purposed us to be with and if we are faithful to God and Follow after his will we will indeed meet the person we're destined to be with and that person will be so right for you that it will be easy to maintain! That's the way that God works..and He doesn't ever send us things that are broken..a vehicle or a person..for that matter! God's not going to send you a liar, cheater, or anything else along those lines..Because God knows what we need..He even knows what we are afraid to ask him for!
So ladies and gentlemen, lets put it in God's hands and allow him to lead us to the person that will keep their word at all times, who will always have a silent prayer under their breath and a person that will know how to fully capture our hearts! Lets surrender the will of our hearts to God and allow him to mold it into a heart that is ready to receive real effortless love that He has sent to us!

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