Saturday, November 8, 2014

~How to be compassionate~

What does it really mean to be compassionate? Most would consider compassion to be a form of kindness that you use toward your neighbor when they need a helping hand, But really to be compassionate is so much more than show compassion is also putting your neighbors need above your own when you are having a hard time as well, for example..If you need a friend..Be a friend to someone! If you are in pain..comfort someone who is hurting! If you are sad..make someone else smile!
You see, compassion can also be when you reach out in kindness when the world hasn't been as kind to you, when you are struggling but still find an opportunity to help others, when you have had your heart broken but you still are able to love unconditionally to those who really need a chance from a caring when you think about compassion it really has much more of a meaning to it than some may believe..It's a word packed with purpose that this world could really use right now and when it comes down to it we have all been at a point in our lives before when we needed a little extra compassion much like the compassion that Jesus once showed to us, we didn't deserve it but still He came to show us the meaning of the word "compassion" and we could all come to learn from his actions and start applying it to our own lives. 
Be compassionate today and reach out to someone who clearly needs that kind of love..through that kindness you may even help save their soul! Think about it. 

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