Friday, November 14, 2014

~Decision Making~

In this life we have to make important decisions, some are hard ones, some are easy, and some are just the logical decisions that we need to make.
The only thing we can do is remain humane and at the same time be realistic with ourselves because at the end of the day know that we have to live with the decisions that we've made, so make the right choices and don't leave room for regrets in your life. Love the best you can, Forgive without becoming bitter, and learn from your mistakes by becoming wiser. And remember that you never truly walk the lonely road if you allow God to be in your walk in this life.
When you're brought to the point where you have to make a decision sometimes you realize that you cannot find the words or you realize that you're afraid because of how it may effect someone else, but sometimes you have to take that risk even though it may hurt someone's feelings have to do what is right and the truth will hurt at times but with the pain comes healing and the sorrow may last for a day but joy will come in the morning! 
The truth will set you free and it will change you in a good way..if you welcome it! 
Don't be afraid to make choices that will change your life's routine, with change comes strength and with the strength that you draw from this comes new opportunities..welcome change, It's much better than you may think and your story may help someone else's decisions in life! 
Though it's hard..always do the right thing, it's always worth it in the end and you'll feel good that you did the right thing as well!

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