Saturday, November 22, 2014

~Don't Compromise who you are~

I've learned that if you decide to compromise on what you want, you'll also begin to compromise on what God wants for you, because God gave those wants and desires to you to dream of and there is nothing wrong with being the person that God created you to be! 
Don't compromise what you want..not for anyone because that's what makes you unique and God gave you those desires so that you can strive to make them come to pass in your life! 
Don't miss God and don't throw away your dreams just because someone doesn't understand why you want those things for yourself or if they try to force you to change into someone that you weren't created to be! God loves who He created you to stop worrying and start working toward those dreams until they happen for you! God's got a hold of your hand..don't worry who has let go of yours and declare His purpose in your life from now on!
In the end the right people are going to be standing next to you to encourage you to move forward and when you fall they'll be the ones that will pick you up instead of reminding you that you fell down! 
Love doesn't accuse or try to burden you..Love chooses to lift you high above those failures so you won't even see them anymore! It's like the song that says.. "He looked beyond my fault and saw my need" those are the right people that you require in your life not the ones that remind you of your failures constantly..Though we failed, no matter how many times..Jesus died for our sins and He still forgives us even after 2,000+ years later! That same grace, mercy and love still reaches deep into our hearts and restores all the broken parts! I need that, you need that, we all need that kind of love!

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