Saturday, November 29, 2014

~Don't Worry about it~

Have you ever hurt someone so badly or did something that you regretted that really stuck with you? Do you still struggle with letting it go even after a long time has passed by? 
Don't worry because we've all been there at one point..but I promise you that it will get better! The key is that after that person forgives you..there is something that you must also do..You must forgive yourself and learn to move on with your life! You deserve happiness and peace because you are loved by a Savior that has forgiven you of what you've done! Grace has been given to us for one become a better person that can pass that hope that Jesus provides onto someone else who is also in need of grace! Grace has been given to us so we can give grace to others who are lost like we once were! No one is perfect or without mistakes to move on from..we just have to ask God to forgive us, ask others that we've hurt to forgive us and finally..we have to forgive ourselves so we can move into a better way through Jesus! Don't worry about it because God has already forgotten about it..the only reason why we remember what we've done is so we won't return to our wrongdoings and we can reach out for something from God that has so much more meaning!

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