Monday, November 10, 2014

~Dangerous Places~

What is it about seeing a sign that says "danger!" That makes some people approach with caution instead of just avoiding the danger in front of them? Why would you want to allow your life a moment of pain if that could all be avoided? What if you could take a road that wouldn't ever harm you, that wouldn't bring you heartache, that would be everything you needed and truly wanted, what if? Have you ever wondered "what if" in your life? If you haven't then maybe you should start thinking about the "what ifs" maybe the reason why your life feels so empty is because you have stopped seeing the glass as half full but rather half empty? Maybe you need to begin changing your mindset and start being positive in your thoughts! If you want to become successful then step up and become who you want to be! You can't keep waiting around for the things you want! You have to take action and begin to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk!
In this life you have to take opportunities as they come and cease the moments, don't avoid or decide to pass up the good things in life just because you're afraid of what it takes to get there to the place that you want to get to! Do the right matter how difficult it may be and it'll be worth it!

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