Sunday, November 2, 2014

~Sin & Shame~

"You've gone before me upon a cross, I once thought that all had been lost, sin and shame was the name of the game, we are all masters and we know of it all too well, we've all dealt with it before and we've turned our backs in shame, but when will we realize that all it takes is for us to turn to it and look it in the face? We need to forgive ourselves of this ugly thing, we need to break down before the king, only he can take away this feeling and only he can take away the sin and shame, we answer only to him and he knows just how we truly feel,
through him alone can we gain the victory over this very thing, only then can we really be happy and free,
When I'm feeling alone and afraid..He calls me by my name, He comforts me and draws me to his side, He even calls me his bride"

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