Saturday, November 8, 2014

~Oops..We've all made mistakes~

So you've recently messed up in your life? Are you having a hard time giving yourself a break? I think we need to talk about this and be reminded of what a merciful God we serve..
You see, If you've stubbled recently..God's not going to allow you to see something and tell you that you cannot possess it just because you've made a mistake!
If it's according to God's purpose then it will happen as it should! 
Our problem as humans is that we do not allow ourselves to accept God's love and mercy in our lives..we must thank him for opportunities that He puts in our path and trust the almighty God that it's going to work out like He has willed it to.
When we mess up and we ask him for forgiveness..He doesn't weigh out the reasons not to forgive you of your mistakes..No! Instead He hears our cry for forgiveness and He says "Yes, my precious child..I forgive you and I love you!"
Nor do we have to "try out" for forgiveness as if it were a play! God loves us so much that all He requires of us in the area of forgiving us is a sincere heart that is truly sorry for the actions..whatever the reasons might have been that got us into the mess.
We need to humbly come before our God and bring our issues to him so that He can cleanse us and make us whole again! The purpose that God has for your life shouldn't depend upon what you've done in the past, who you've hung around, what you've said or even what thoughts have gone through your mind! 
If God has a purpose for your life and you've made a mistake but you turn your life to God again..You still have a purpose upon your life, God isn't going to hold your destiny ransom because of your past mistakes! God is rich in mercy and He loves us so very much! Give yourself a break..He loves you so start new today and allow God to send things into your life as they come instead of missing God's special gifts!

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