Thursday, November 20, 2014


Have you ever been at a point in your life when you've done everything that you could possibly know to do and now it's finally up to God to do the rest? That's what you call a "cliffhanger" and don't worry because we've all gone through that point before in're not alone!
There is an important thing here for you to remember.."When everything is hanging on the line..God shows up just in time!"
When you've done everything physically possible in a situation sometimes you have to be silent and trust the almighty God that things are going to work out as they should! When you're feeling alone, when you're feeling helpless, when you're broken down and desperate..God will rise up and take control if only you'll relinquish it to him! 
Don't be afraid to admit to him that you cannot manage your life alone's alright to reach out to him for help because we were made naturally to rely on God, once you give it to him wholeheartedly then comes the joy, then comes the peace, then comes the comfort! 
When you give your life to God to transform..suddenly your eyes are opened up to new places and new doors are opened because of God being in the equation of your life! And with that being said..not only will new doors be open to you but also the many blessings that are held behind those doors with come along with it!
Give your life to God and He will give you all of these things..that's his promise to us when we serve him!

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