Sunday, November 16, 2014

~I'm taking my joy back!~

If you've ever been broken down then you know how good it feels to bounce back again,
I can't tell you how many times throughout my life that I felt so dry and if I had lost everything good in my life.
We all go through this in our lives at some point but there comes a time when we finally rise up and declare that "enough is enough!"
Sometimes we have to get that fire built up inside of us that fuels us into a better tomorrow, where the joy is!
There comes a time that we decide if we're going to be depressed forever or if we're going to decide that we're going to have joy in our lives come what may! 
When it comes to God..He can never let you down! Where others have failed you, He never will! 
Because of how faithful He is we don't ever have to be afraid even when others walk away..we can still continue on our way! We no longer have to feel alone or abandoned because though others fade away..Jesus is forever and He stays the same so we never have to worry about him changing his opinion of us!

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