Wednesday, November 12, 2014

~Who can we depend on?~

I've always been the type of person that finds a way out of the sorrow of this life not by depending on others to build my strength up but instead by encouraging myself, I learned at an early age that sometimes people aren't going to be there when you need them to's not always possible but if you can find a way to cry your tears and move on by yourself.. you become stronger and no matter where you are or who is or isn't with can still draw strength from the hope that God puts in your heart!
I think too many of us depend on others for our source of happiness when what we should be doing is reading in the word of God and building up our hope and faith!
Now, I'm not saying that you won't ever need anyone to offer help..I'm saying that it's not good to fully depend on people all the time for your happiness, when people can be there and they want to help make you feel better..don't push them away, allow them to help you when you need it! Sometimes we need to talk with a good friend that we can trust to listen to us and offer comfort to our aching heart! 
Sometimes you need to be reminded of the good times and laughs that you and a friend shared so you can get your spirits up again! 
We were created to have friends and companionship with others but they cannot fulfill every emotion that we need..sometimes we just need to be alone and build up ourselves so that when sorrow comes by to pay us a visit we will be able to get through it if we are on our own and also we need to build ourselves up so when one of our friends does need us we will be ready to help them as well!

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