Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~Tired of the same old things~

There comes a point in every persons life when they become tired of their lives repeating in the same way and they long for a happy life that allows them to have a happy ending instead of an ending of constant disappointment and loneliness.
Why do we become so stubborn that we will not take the steps toward change if we know that we'd be better off and happier by doing so? Why do we enjoy being so miserable? Why do we ignore the pain instead of seeking the help that we need?
Are you tired and weary? Are you dried up and in a desert place? Are you ashamed and ready to change for the benefit of your future? Go to the cross and lay down the ashes of your broken life so you can be made brand new through God's son! You aren't alone in this..there are so many people who want to see you free from the struggle and the pain! You can't cover it up forever..eventually you will give up and push everyone away that is trying to help you! It's not too late to change! It's not time to end your life..it's time to surrender your life to the God who gave it to you! You have purpose! You have a destiny! You are worth it because God says so! Don't continue to do the same thing, Change so you can have something good in your life! Nothing compares to the love of God and what he has in store for your life!
If you're tired of the same old..same old then lift your eyes to the father and surrender to him that you would be an instrument for him! God is good and his love endures forever, nothing you do on your own without God's leading will be beneficial to your life..Trust me, I've tried it before and it didn't work out the way I planned! It's not too late to turn it all around and realize his purpose for your life! God loves you and he wants the best for you! Put your trust in him and you'll never be let down again! You'll never be thirsty again! You'll never be broken again! I promise you that his peace alone is worth it..everything extra is just a bonus of his goodness!

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