Wednesday, March 5, 2014

~Dedication:Letting go of the things that don't matter~

It's hard in our lives when we come face-to-face with the things in our lives that..when it comes down to it, They don't really even matter and we could live without those things!
When it comes to the point in your life when what you're fighting to keep in your life causes you to lose something or someone important in your life, then maybe you need to put that thing down!
If something causes you to be happy while you're doing it and then later on when you go home it makes you feel worthless and depressed..Guess what? You need to put whatever it may be, down! Trust me you can live without it and you will feel like you have value again once you put that thing down and get it out of your life..for good! Push away the negative things in life and don't settle for anything but God's best!
Don't question the reasons why you are feeling badly about what you're doing as if it was your "Flaw" or something that's "wrong" with you..You are worth too much in God's eyes to see yourself as worthless!
The world will always tell you that you're worthless and that you might as well just give up, But God says that you have a great potential and he sees the value in you, You shine like a diamond in God's eyes!
You are his precious child and he would never trade you in, like the world world do! The world criticizes us when we do only the right things but God is proud of us when we give up something of the world! God loves to brag on his children!
If you only knew of all the good things that God has in store for you..You would be amazed!
When we speak negative things over ourselves, God is standing up for you! When you are lost, God calls you by your name! When you need help, God answers your cry! When you are weak, He is strong!
When you are down and out, God is your strong tower and your hope!
God will shine a light into the darkness that you are in and he will pick you up and tend to your wounds!
The world puts scars on us and they kick us when we are down but God loves us and instead of blaming us for our failures..He simply listens to our cry and brings us the comfort of his love and his mercy and his grace! There isn't anywhere on the earth that we could go to escape from the love of God!
We are his and he is our God!
God speaks highly of you and he does care about what happens to you! Don't allow the world to continue to hold you back in your life, When God has so much more things to offer you! God has only great things planned for our lives and the world can never take away the plans that God has made for your life!
Choose God today and with him you'll receive Love, comfort, peace, joy, strength, blessings and so many more things that only God can offer! It's worth it to give up the things of this world! I know because I gave up the world and I looked toward the cross that Jesus shed his blood on, so that we could have life someday with him in eternity in Heaven! I never want to go back to who I was before..That's a very sad place and let me tell you..NOTHING COMPARES TO THE JOY THAT'S COMING WHEN YOU CHOOSE GOD!
God will give you the strength to continue on with your day and somehow the hard things in life don't seem as difficult as they were before you chose Jesus!

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