Saturday, March 15, 2014

~Lacking Wisdom~

Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.
What is it "to be wise?" Is it being smart intellectually? Is it to have common sense? Is it to have a knowledge of right and wrong?
What is the answer? The answer is's all of the above!
To be truly wise and have wisdom, you must have the knowledge of what's right and what's wrong! Second, you must have a good head on your shoulders..and it's more than being able to add numbers in your head and being able to spell words properly! You need to be able to survive this world on your own if it comes to that..we are indeed designed to be able to survive emergencies, God made us that way!
Thirdly, common sense is very important! It may in fact be more important than being book smart! "Common sense" ironically, really isn't all that common anymore! Those who have common sense and those who also have a good sense of humor as well! Those who have common sense are often the ones who have vision and creativity!
So yes, it is very important to have these three things!
These three things are the components that make up the word Wisdom!
King Solomon was very Wise and Wealthy as well but he didn't have the common sense that would've made him a much more successful ruler!
Just because you have Wisdom doesn't make you the smartest person in all the land! God is always more wise than we could ever hope to be! We are only human and full of mistakes daily, God is our provider and the one who gives us the understanding that we need!
If you are lacking in any one of these areas..I want you to look up and ask God to give you the wisdom and knowledge that you desire to have!

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