Saturday, March 8, 2014

~Waiting for the world to change~

We'd all like to think that somehow we could wake up tomorrow and the world would be changed, But it just isn't so..we must take part in the world and do our best to make a difference to shine our light into a dark world!
There are many out there who aren't aware of anything other than the darkness they are living in every single day! That is where we must start by first finding those people who need to find something in life that they may have never known that they needed..Jesus!
The world will never change..unless we can reach those who are lost!
We have to do something! This is an emergency of lost souls! They need Jesus in their lives! We need to start here at home and then broaden our horizons by reaching those further away!
Starting small is still doing something big because you are doing a part of God's work! Never despise small beginnings! Start somewhere small and after you perfect those..then move on to something bigger for God's kingdom! There is a ministry for everyone and a place for everyone to be!
God has a purpose for each and every one of us and if you know what area that you are called to..what then is holding you back? Don't be afraid for God is with you at all times and he will help you the rest of the way..all you need to do is make the first step by accepting his call for your life!
Take the first step and let God do the rest!
You are not weak or too shy and don't worry if you're not a very good speaker..God will help you to develop those gifts with time!
Think about it this way, When we are babies we drink milk but as we grow we then need more nourishment and we need meat! It's the same way as starting small in your ministry, at the beginning your ministry is at the "small stage" as you learn more and grow more in the spirit, you begin to feel the need to use your gifts more and through that your ministry grows and you need more of God's guidance and wisdom..We need the meat that God's word brings! Get out there and do something! Whether if it's something big or something small, if it's for the glory of God it's something big and something important!

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