Saturday, March 1, 2014

~Loving others and loving ourselves~

"Love" the first thing I think about when I hear that word is being unselfish, respectful, caring, generous, patient, and faithful! 
Love is the most powerful and precious thing that God gave us so we may cherish each other and help each other out when we need it, God gave us many forms of love, 
God gave us a love that we carry in our hearts for our dear friends, he gave us the ability to love a child, and he gave us the love between a man and a woman! And then there's the love that he gave us between him (our God) and Ourselves. God has a special bond that is the strongest form of love, we can never love another human with the love that is between us and God! That is why we feel so empty before we accept him into our lives! God is the only one that can satisfy us and fill up that deep void in our lives!
There's a song that I sometimes sing and I know that many of you know it, "and I...I'm desperate for you, and I...I'm lost without you!"
Those words are so true! We cannot make it in this world without just simply cannot be done!  We can try filling it up with drugs, alcohol, sex, money, and even fame! But nothing and no one can fill up that void inside of us!
You might be asking yourself why we feel that way without God, the answer is because that place inside of us was made only for God to dwell in! God is meant to live inside our hearts and along with the Holy Spirit to guide us that void can be filled!
The Holy Spirit is here on earth to help guide us in God's truth because God knew how corrupt the world would become and sometimes we would need extra help to be able to see the good and the bad in this world! Until we make it to Heaven the Holy Spirit is here to help us and to give us the boldness we need as followers of Jesus that we may lead others to salvation too!
We need to reach out in love to the lost and care for the wounds that the world has put on them, they need God to heal their hearts and transform their lives! We need to show them the love of God and let his light shine so they may be able to see the love of a Savior that gave himself so that they could be saved and spend an eternity with him in Heaven!
The Love we have for each other is powerful! But God's love is the most powerful, strongest and the longest lasting form of love there is and will ever be!
God's love transforms us into a better version of ourselves, God's love will compel us do things that we never would've done before, And God's love will help us to love someone even more! 
God's love never ceases to amaze me! I don't know the earthly love of a man and I don't know if I ever will but I will always have the love of a Savior who would never hurt or desert me!
People will always fail you, but God will never fail matter what you do or say God will always love you! because that's his promise to us!

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