Thursday, March 27, 2014

~Even when I don't see..I still believe~

Disbelief sometimes comes into view in our lives, normally it's when something goes awry, like someone hurts you, you lose a possession or something in your life isn't happening fast enough for you..admit it, we all get frustrated when things don't go according to "our plan" but what we fail to realize is that sometimes God rescues us from our plan to protect us from something bad happening to us or even helping us to go down a path that will not have a "set back" in front of us!
God sees so far into the future and he knows what is best for us, so before you get angry with God and you talk yourself into having a disbelief in him..Ask God what his plan is and better yet, ask him to lead you to the right area if the one you're in isn't the right one for you! 
If you put it into perspective, you will find the positive not to being a "set back" but to being a "come back" 
Before you're so sure that this is the right move for your life, don't count out what God may be planning at the same time! God knows us way better than we even know ourselves, He might have something else in mind or even SOMEONE ElSE IN MIND! God is mysterious and all-knowing..He always knows what is next and he knows that his plans will indeed workout in our lives for the very best!
Remember this, God is always going to be a step ahead of us so he can clear the path for us to safely travel through to our destination!
Don't be afraid when your plans begin to change and don't question who you are when God is changing you for the better, We want him to continue to change us! We should be questioning who we are when others are looking at us and also the person that we are when no one is looking!
If you are acting like a sold out Christian around church and around your friends but you go home and watch perverted movies, listen to dirty music and cuss like a sailor once you get home, then you better get ready because you will be found out! It's only a matter of time before the curtain is pulled away and all your friends will begin to see the person you really are! They will call you what you are..a hypocrite! The bible says your sins will find you out, my friend! You need to be concerned about the person you are at home vs. the person you let your friends see and realize that you need a change in your life!
No one is judging you about the issue of who you really are in Christ because no one has a reason at the moment to believe that you could be anything else than who you say you are! They will find out eventually and when they do get ready to lose the friends you have because nobody likes to be around a hypocrite for long! Because if you'll lie about who you'll lie about your friends as well!
When you lie for so long about things..eventually you will forget what it was you lied about and end up telling on yourself to your friends and they will all find out the honest truth about your character and they will come to realize that you are a fake!
No matter what form of lie you may tell, lies always come back to you even if you lied so someone else you know won't get in trouble! Lies are not good at all! If you don't want to tell someone something..don't say anything at all, instead just remain silent and your lips will remain truthful instead of becoming lying and deceitful tools that the devil can use! Satan will use any part of us that he can and he will use it to destroy us when he has the chance to!
Make sure that you ask God to rid you of anything that is displeasing to him and ask him to make you new!
Lying words only tear down, but truthful words only build up! Speak life and live in truth! Abide in God's ways and have faith in his plan when your plan has failed! Trust that God is working on what's next in your life and become excited in what's to come! God has some wonderful things in mind for you and for me..let's keep our eyes on the good things of God!
Stay focused on the things of God and don't put his plan on the back burner! God's plan need to be our very first choice in life and we need to have faith in that plan even when you can't see amongst your surroundings..Just know that God can see around every single curve! 
Trust in God at all times..especially the times that you cannot see what is going on around you and you have come to the point where you don't even know who you are anymore or even who you want to be someday!
Our dreams are sometimes cut short but God's dreams for our lives always work out! Look around you at all of creation and see the beauty all around you and imagine a second that those are God's dreams for your life! Now isn't that easy to decide to trust in his plans and to not sweat it when our dreams fail?..much better right?
Put your hope and your dreams in God's hands and they will succeed..believe you me!

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