Friday, March 21, 2014

~What are you fighting for?~

We are all fighting for something in our lives, it's either a noble cause that's worth fighting for or it's something that is a poor excuse of what we want so badly to turn into something worthy of fighting for in our lives!
Not everything in life is something to fight for, there are many things that we try so hard to hold onto when we should really just let them go and allow God to fill up that void in our lives!
It seems as though we are giving up our unique personalities when we "let go" or so we choose to think of it as being that way, in reality we need to live and learn by practicing these key steps in our lives..
#1. Learn humility, you can never have too much humility! So make it an effort to remain humble by any means possible, it's very important!
#2. Learn patience, if you can practice patience you will learn to appreciate life more fully and devote more time to the important things in life such as..building your relationship with God, your Family, your dear friends and waiting on The Lord while doing these things!
#3. Learn to let go and let God!
You cannot do this alone no matter how strong you think you are! You need a higher power and someone to fall back on when life doesn't go well at times..God wants you to let go of all the pain and hurt! He wants to see you let go of it all and move past those things onto greater times!
#4. Make a commitment to serving God and surrendering your life to him in all areas! You see, it's not only about the way you act in a church's how you act at home, at your job, on Facebook and in public! Be committed to God fully and you will never want to go back to the old life ways, instead you will look ahead at the great things that God has in store for you and you'll come to realize just how little you value the worlds opinion of you!
And finally #5. You will be able to see the value that God sees in you and realize just how precious you are to him, and nothing else will even come close to how good God makes you feel in your life!
You can do this..fight for the noble cause, fight for what's right and let go of what this world has to offer you..which isn't much and only lasts for a moment when God's kingdom lasts forever and ever!


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