Sunday, March 2, 2014

~Negative words can instill fear~

It's hard to do things in your life when you live in constant fear, life is too short to be afraid all the time, life is precious and there are still good people out there in the world!
Sometimes when we try new things we fail at them but instead of never trying new things in life and becoming afraid of failure..we can stand back up and try again when the opportunities present themselves in our lives! 
Many of us are more afraid of what people are going to say to us or about us, than we are about trying something new!  Some people can easily try new things with ease, but there are many people that have gone through hard times in their life that prevents them from trying at all! To tell you the truth I used to be that way when I was a teenager!
 I knew that Jesus loved me and people would often say that I was beautiful but I couldn't see it, I was so backward, shy and insecure that I couldn't try anything new or to even challenge myself, And the reason for this was because there were other teenagers who were talking behind my back and gossiping about me, I was so hurt by being betrayed by those who claimed to be friends of mine, I was already a shy girl who had only lived in this new place for three or four years and now I didn't have a single friend! For the longest time I wouldn't allow myself to trust others or become friends with anyone, all because of the wounds that were given to me by my closest friends..who in reality were not my friends at all.  I didn't know what to I started writing in my journal and creating a beautiful and friendly world of my own, I started writing poems, songs, hopes and dreams, and I started to encourage myself because I didn't have anyone besides my family at the time and that went on for years, Words really do hurt people! Even when you don't say those words to a persons face..the reality is this, When you talk badly about someone and you lie to them by saying sweet words to cover up those lies..that person will begin to sense that you are saying something about them! You can form the world with your words, meaning, if you are saying words that are lies, betrayal, and gossip your world will become the same way and you will only have bad things surrounding you and people who will treat you the same way! But if you allow only graceful, kind, friendly, sweet words to come out of your mouth and you treat others kindly and offer a smile to them..people will want to be around you and they will speak good things about you! It's what you choose to say about others that determines how good of friends you will have! Choose to be positive today and remember to speak life into your friends by speaking of them highly to others, don't allow yourself to tear down your friends, unless you also want to be hurt. Hurtful words takes the longest time to heal but kind words are remembered for many years and it makes a fine pillow to rest upon, rest easy knowing that God speaks highly of you tonight and ask God to help you to encourage others and not tear them down. Lift your friends up with your words and tear down the walls of gossip! Maybe you've been hurt in the past the same way and you're not sure how to begin the healing process, I'm here to tell you that I got through it, and so can you but only with God's help can you overcome those chains!
I want you to declare to yourself that those chains will no longer hold you back! Say it with me.." I will no longer allow hurtful words and fear come over me anymore! Chains come off! I am a child of the king! I am who God says I am! I can be who he says that I can be! I am free because I choose to be! In Jesus name, Amen!"

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