Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~If only I had the faith to continue..~

Many people have this one thing in common..The struggle to find the faith within themselves! It's very hard to reach down deep within yourself at first and believe that there is something much bigger than you and it's something that is unseen but more real than anything on earth that you can hold in your hands!
When you become a Christian, at first it's a series of questions that you are eager to have answered, you search for verses in the bible, talk with other Christians and learn how they came to know Jesus but sometimes outsiders (non-believers) will discourage you and cause you to question God's ability! Sometimes it's a situation in your life that causes you to question your faith in God and the unseen! Don't lose faith even though you're struggling, seek God for guidance and talk to your Pastor or a strong Christian friend of yours, they may be able to give you the answer that you are seeking to have answered or give you a bible verse to read that will point you back into the right direction in your life!
Don't allow yourself to feel that you just aren't good enough or that you just can't handle this "new Christian thing" God is on your side and he's proud of the steps that you are taking! God is an understanding, patient, loving, caring God! Don't lose your faith just because you're struggling, instead rise up and declare that you are a child of God! You are worth something very special to God and he loves you very much!

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