Sunday, March 9, 2014

~When will we realize it's about God?~

If we could ever get past ourselves and realize that it's all about God, we would be able to do so much more for God!
Too many times we get in the way of God's plan and we often "put off" what God has for us to do, simply because we think that what we're doing is making a "small change" in our ministry and we somehow think that's enough of an effort! That is not the case at all! 
We are too comfortable standing at the level we are at in our ministry! That isn't good at all! That means we are somehow holding God back in our lives!
God wants us to reach "new levels" in our ministry! We're not meant to just find a comfortable place in our ministry and just.. (metaphorically speaking) "sit in our normal spot in church" we cannot grow in God spiritually that way and we cannot expect those that are listening to your teachings or watching your leadership to grow themselves when you, yourself cannot grow further in your ministry!
Don't be hard on those around you when you aren't following your own advise! 
It's only when we step out of our comfort zones that will truly make an impact in our students lives!
They are following our leading, let's lead them into a new place of God to explore! God has so much more that he wants to teach us and he has much bigger things in the ministry for us to do!
Now the question is..Are you willing to make the changes that it takes for your ministry to grow and travel to new areas spiritually?
If your answer is yes..then guess what? Your ministry is getting ready to grow so you better make some room for newcomers..put some extra chairs out!
If your answer is no..then guess what? Your ministry will remain the same but don't expect any newcomers anytime soon because if you're not willing to try new things for God where you are at in your ministry..chances are, you most likely aren't going out to reach those abroad either! It's a harsh truth to be realized but that is normally what the case is!
Look at it this way..If you make the necessary changes, you will see many new faces!

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