Wednesday, March 5, 2014

~mindset..Ready, go!~

It's very important for us as Christians to get our minds focused on Jesus, that is something that is very difficult to do at times!
We all have different struggles that we battle in our minds, our thinking is distorted at times and the flesh and sinful nature wants to control us..especially our minds!

In fact, if we could ever get to the point where our minds become only a vehicle for Godly thoughts to linger we could do so much more for God!

Well, let me tell you something..You can overcome the constant battle that goes on in your mind! With God's help you can overcome anything, no matter how big your struggle may seem to you..It's never too big for God! He can help you to control those thoughts!
We all have a hard time keeping our minds focused on good, pure and Godly things at times, We must learn to refocus our thoughts and look to God for help!
You can do this! It's hard at first and sometimes you will go back to impure, sinful thoughts but at those times when we reach out to God for help..He will hear your cry for help and you with come to realize after a while that you aren't thinking those thoughts anymore because you've refocused your mind on the things of God and he has filled your mind with the beauty of his kingdom!
It takes time but God will give you the motivation that you need to overcome the battle of the mind!
You will be victorious!
Satan tries hard to consume our every thought with sinful things but Satan will no longer be able to do that once you surrender your thoughts to God! God will help you and it will become easier to keep your mind on what God has for you to think about and you will be able to hear the voice of God much more clearly!

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