Thursday, March 6, 2014

~Where does pride come from?~

There is a little something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives..What is that? you may ask..
It's called pride! And admit it or not, we all have it at times! It's in our DNA because we are all made of flesh and sometimes we go back to that sinful nature!
We have to constantly battle our flesh and die to ourselves daily so that we can pick up the grace that Jesus gave so we could be reborn in him!
But our flesh and our sinful nature doesn't like it when we fight against it! And when we confess of the sins we have made instead of allowing pride to rise up inside of us..we become closer to God!
Denying your flesh and pleading the blood of Christ will always pull you closer to God! Choose today to deny your flesh and choose Jesus!
You can only go wrong when you choose yourself and sinful desires, But you could never go wrong in choosing Jesus! When you choose him, you will always be happier, more satisfied, and more loved than you could ever feel with what the world or Satan offers to you!
You can make it because God will be beside you to help you make it!
With God you are stronger and more motivated..because you realize that you have a much higher purpose in your life and that drives you!
When it's no longer about you, you can overcome pride, that is prides weakness is denying your flesh and admitting that there must be a change within yourself!
Choosing God's ways will always be the right choice! Because everything about God is right and true!

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