Wednesday, March 12, 2014

~You'll find will find rest~

There are many times in our lives that we become so tired and weary because of this world! It's hard living in a world that Denys God and the idea of Christianity, sure we're persecuted at times because of our faithfulness to God but if we aren't being persecuted like Jesus was then we should be worried..because we are supposed to live the life of Christianity by following in the steps of our Savior, who was indeed persecuted and also crushed for our sins!
When someone questions you and your faithfulness to God no matter what has happened in your life..consider it as an opportunity to tell them just what kind of God you serve! You could tell them how when others left you..God remained!
You can tell them how when you sinned and made countless mistakes..God still forgave you and went even further by giving you more than one chance!
You can tell them how your God lavishes you with his love daily!
Consider these many reasons as chances to tell them about the greatness of your God!
Don't be afraid to speak up..they did ask after all! And who knows..they might be coming to your church this Sunday as your get ready for doors to open as you witness to them!
Ask God to give you the wisdom and bravery to speak up when someone asks you about the mighty, loving, never-failing, forever faithful God that you serve! The moment will come, be prepared for God to use you in big ways in his name!
So don't become tired, drained, weary, depressed, oppressed or restless..Because God has a purpose when we go through that! Those are opportunities if we will accept them as opportunities!
When Satan tries to bring you down and tell you that you might as well give up, curse God and die! You tell Satan that you are a child of the most high God and you're coming out stronger and more powerful than ever before! You tell him that God is on your side and tell Satan to bite the dust and leave you alone!
The only way that you will lay down and die is if you allow Satan's lies to take over your whole life! When you fear that Satan will defeat you, you remember this..Satan has already been defeated, he's just awaiting his life-sentence in hell! You're going to make it out of this tired spell and you'll feel reborn and renewed again soon! If you need to find rest..simply find rest in the Savior's arms!

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