Tuesday, March 18, 2014

~Healing:Believing in God's miracles~

We all have a hard time in the beginning of our relationship with God when it comes to believing in miracles, it's sometimes hard to have faith in the things that you haven't yet seen with your own eyes! 
We are made of flesh and bone, we have that attitude of being logical in all areas of our lives! But God is so complex and we cannot fully understand God because we are a simple minded people, we have a hard time believing in the mysteries of God and all that he is!
When bad things happen the first thing we do is ask questions of why those things happened to us, sometimes we even ask why God didn't stop those horrible things from happening to us! We never think about the fact that perhaps God protected us the whole time and only the smaller things in our lives crashed and burned! We never once think of how much worse our situation could have been and that God saved us from even harder things from happening to us!
Here's an example for you that I had trouble getting through a while back,
About three years ago a very close friend who was also my piano player and my dad's administrative assistant received the worst news of her life..She had Cancer! At first I tried my best to be strong for her by having faith that she would receive her healing and be cured from Cancer, I never thought for a second that we would lose her because I had the faith that she would be healed, She was a fighter and played the piano for a few weeks and then she began to lose her strength and the Cancer progressed which forced her to stop playing the piano and she had to limit her office work, I couldn't believe how quickly a woman I knew as being so strong and always being there to help at the church suddenly couldn't do the things that she was called to do because of this horrible disease!
It was heart-breaking to watch this thing happen, it was like a nightmare that I felt like I was watching her live in every single day! I continued to pray for her and seeked God for her healing but she continued to get worse until she eventually passed away, This disease called Cancer had taken it's course and took the life of a true friend and sister in Christ!
I didn't understand at first, I had so many questions for God and I almost blamed him for her passing away in such a painful manner but then I remembered a song that Christy Hinson had written about a little girl who had Cancer, how she prayed and the little girl still passed away, the song says this.. "So he healed her perfect, he healed her grand, and you should hear her shouting all over glory land, there are no tears there, there is no pain and one day when you're ready I'll heal you just the same, I'll heal you perfect"
When I heard that song it made me realize, that even though she didn't get her healing here on earth, she received her healing in heaven and not only did she get healed but she is healed perfect and has no more pain!
I was able to find the peace and my hurting from the loss of a dear friend was beginning to mend because God was with me as he was before but I had forgotten for a while how God had always brought me through! Satan will always try his hardest to make us think that God has given up on us in our hour of need, especially when we are confused and hurt after the loss of someone dear to us!
But we must always remember that God is going to mend our pain and he will get us through this! We must reach out to our savior and seek comfort from his arms in our hour of need! The reason why God is quiet in our times of grieving is because he is giving us time to mourn, it's not that he's not there for us, he is there, he's only waiting for us to cry out to him for understanding and comfort in the hardest of times!
Just because you prayed and the prayer wasn't answered the way you thought it would be answered that doesn't mean that God doesn't love you or that he didn't hear you, it means that God allowed that person to leave this corrupt and sinful world early to be healed perfect and you will see them again someday!
Have faith and believe that you will get through this! Keep your head up and continue to seek God through your pain and he will come to comfort you in your hour of need just like he did for me in my hour of need!

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