Friday, February 28, 2014

~Learn to relax, God's got this!~

The worries of this world sure do weigh heavy on us at times, sometimes it's hard to know what to do when you see something out there that you don't understand or agree with that makes you panic at times..You don't have to panic though! God can help you with that and give you peace of mind instead of worrying about the things that you cannot change and you don't have to feel responsible for the decisions the world has made for themselves, there's only so much you can do and it takes a little bit at a time to reach the world, in other words you don't have to feel like you have to be some kind of a superhero and sweep in to save everyone around you! Jesus already came into the world and saved them..all they need to do now is accept the hero that has already provided a way for them to go to Heaven!
It's true that we need to help lead people into the kingdom of God but once we get them into church..the ball goes back into their court again, meaning that it's their decision to take the next step to accept the Savior who has already come!
All we can do is follow where God leads us and listen to the voice of God that he would give us the opportunities to witness to people!
Don't be worried or ashamed when you speak to someone and they turn you and your message of Christ away, you were obedient to God's leading and God will send someone else to witness to them eventually!
God knows what he's doing and God works in mysterious ways that we cannot understand or explain at times but that's who God is and the way that he works, it's not our job to understand, however it is our job to obey him and we need to place everything we are and will become in his hands to use us for his glory!
Relax and take it easy, knowing that you did what God told you to do and trust that somehow that person will find salvation through Jesus Christ! It all starts with a seed that is sown and think about it this way..when we plant a seed and others come along and water it..what happens? It grows! That's what happens when we are obedient to God by witnessing to someone and then later on, more people witness to them until that person gets to the point where they must put their roots someplace! They become aware that they do need Jesus to save them!
So trust in Jesus and have confidence in him, that God will watch over that person and they will be reached!

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