Wednesday, February 19, 2014

~Are you who you want to be?~

Do you ever wonder if the person you've become is the person you're supposed to be? It's one thing to show kindness to your neighbor and to donate to the needy, Those are wonderful things every person should do at least once in their life and we should truly care for people! But I'm talking about the person you were yesterday, verses the person you are today! We all need to better ourselves in our daily lives and commit to working on a few things in our lives.
Think about who you were yesterday and work on who you are today, it could be anything really!
For example it could be to listen more and let others lead the conversation for a while, It could be something for yourself, perhaps cutting back on sweets or carbs in your diet, It could be filling in for a Sunday School class, It could even be to laugh more and worry less in your life! There are so many things that we can work on that can really make a noticeable difference in our lives and it can make us into who we're really meant to be!
It shouldn't take a tragedy to realize that we could've changed a few things to benefit others, Instead, we need to realize the here and now, Today is a gift so why not use it to not only change who you are, but to change the atmosphere around us so we may be able to spread that change to others around us!
Have you ever met someone that could simply walk into a room and suddenly everyone stops and looks at them? The reason for that is because they've taken an effort to make something of themselves and the people around them notice them because of the effort they have put out there!
Now, we are all different but we all share this common thing..None of us are perfect and we could all stand to work on a few things in our lives!
We need to always remember to be Relatable to others, Especially if we are Christians who wish to spread the love of Jesus Christ to others and if we are planning on "changing the world" then first and foremost we must learn first how to change ourselves before we go on to trying to change the world!
People need Jesus but people need to see Christians who admit that they also have problems and the world needs to know that we too are working on things in our lives as well as they are, They want and need to know that they are not alone out there and we are not perfect But Jesus Is indeed "Perfect!"
Let's reach out to those in need, Let's listen more and talk less, Let's say "I Love You" more often, Let's spread Jesus' love to others and let them see that the only difference between "the saved" and "the un-saved" is that we have Jesus and they need him in their lives..other than that, there really isn't any difference between the two, We all need to make changes in our lives to become better individuals and then we can go in and change the world with Jesus!

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