Tuesday, February 18, 2014

~You are who you say you are~

It's so hard these days to find someone who is honestly who they say they are, I'm not sure why that is but I do have a theory, I believe the reason why there are so many "pretenders" these days is simply because that person will not admit their problems and correct their flaws, Instead they simply "create a front" they create this image and become whoever you say that you are because they try to form a "bond" with you,
It's so hard nowadays, especially if you are a sincere person and see the better qualities in someone, That can be a downfall on our part, I know that happened to me only a few months ago!
We live in a world full of people, some are really good, truthful people, others are cruel and dishonest, And then there are the ones that are simply "a wolf in sheep's clothing" Meaning that they are so sweet and kind to you at first and will even do helpful things at times to make it seem like they are everything that you'll need in a friend or as a boyfriend/girlfriend whatever the case!
 It's hard to admit this simple truth for the pure of heart and those who trust people too quickly, I fell for this trick and am determined to never fall for such trickery in my life again!
When you meet someone and begin the process to get to know who that person is, going into it you have no reason not to trust them at their word because they have never lied to you..yet! As much as I hate to admit it, there really are a lot of people out there in the world that are this way! And dare I say even in the church..the person I met was in the church and turned out to be my worst nightmare and broke my heart for the first and I pray the only time I will ever have my heart broken! God is still mending my broken heart and bringing healing into my life, It's going to take some time to mend from such a painful experience in my life but God has brought me through much harder things in my life and I have a strong will to fight for the right things in life and I decided not to let this guy bring me down!
Ladies and Gentlemen..be careful out there and pray that God will show you who the person you are attracted to really is! We see a person who has a smile on their face and knows how to say "please and thank you" and we think "Oh, look they're a good person!" Nope! Not always the case..Be careful, the eyes see only a small part of a person and the most important part is "what's in their heart?" And we know how deceiving the heart can be! Samson was deceived by Delilah and she supposedly loved Samson! But Delilah sold her beloved out because she had a weakness for money and power as well..she even took part in cutting Samson's hair! And look at Judas, he betrayed Jesus Christ and even kissed him on the face but still he sold Jesus, his Master out because he had a thing for silver!
Even Eve deceived Adam by offering him a bite from the forbidden fruit and it caused him to sin!
People are known for being cruel in many ways if they allow Satan to hinder them and if they refuse to change to better themselves for God! We must protect ourselves by praying and seeking God's will at all times..Especially when it's issues of the heart! God wants us to be happy and to have joy in our lives! He doesn't want us to become broken and crushed by another person..EVER! God has better plans for all of us and wants us desire his will for our lives! That is how it will be right and in God's will we will find THE RIGHT ONE FOR US! God's will is perfect for us and it's far better than our own plans could ever make up! I don't know about you but that sounds pretty good to me..God sign me up! I know the right man is out there searching for me while I'm searching for him and God has the plans in place of how we will come to meet someday soon! God show me which road leads me where I'm meant to be and whom I am meant to marry, It's in your hands God! God I know you are who you say you are and I can always trust in you and in your plan for my life..And so can you out there folks!

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