Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~To Speak life, You must speak Truth~

You may think this seems like an odd subject to talk about, especially since I'm talking about Christians as well as people in general, First of all I need to say this..just because we follow Jesus and we strive to speak the truth at all times we are all still human and sometimes we find ourselves "over exaggerating" or "stretching the truth" and let's face one likes to hang out with a liar..It's just the honest truth! No one wants to be around someone who constantly lies, it makes you wonder.. what else would they lie about? Normally if a person lies often they are also the ones who "Gossip" as well!
Lying is something that you shouldn't allow in a friendship or in a relationship!
To be honest lying is also immature and shameful, It's a hard habit to break once you begin lying, When you lie to someone it only grows bigger and bigger, Lying also causes stress in the body! Not only that but it also prevents you from growing in your relationship with God! God is truth so how could you lie and continue to get to know God if you are constantly lying to others, While that is going on, you are also destroying yourself inside by lying!
If you continue to lie you will eventually lose friends because they will find you out and they will lose respect for you because of the lies you have told! Don't allow yourself to destroy your whole life by the lies you are telling, Stand up and speak the truth and deny your flesh and instead begin to speak the truth into your life and begin to build others up by the truth of God's Love!
God is all about truth, honesty, hope, respect and love! God is made up of too many wonderful things to list them all but these are just a few of the many things that comes to mind!
This is a touchy subject I'm getting ready to go into but here it goes.. There are even liars in the church nowadays, Ouch! That hurts I know! But it's the honest truth..especially in these last days! The reason there are so many in the church is because Satan is working overtime by whispering lies into people's ears and people are listening to his lies and when they begin to listen to those lies..they begin to live a life made up of lies and corruption! Satan has their number once he gets into their ears and they begin to think thoughts of "Envy" about another brother or sister in Christ! Jealousy and envy are a terrible mix..especially in the church but sadly it does exist and it always has! If you look in the bible there are many stories about people lying to the point where they lose everything that they have!
Look at Adam and Eve, They both hid and hoped that God wouldn't find out that they had taken a bite from the forbidden fruit and God asked them why they were hiding and they replied "we are hiding because we are naked!" And God said "How did you know that you were naked? did you eat the fruit from the forbidden tree?" and Adam replied "The woman you gave to me gave me the fruit and I ate it." Adam and Eve hid from God and they thought that they could hide the truth from God but God sees everything that goes on and in return for trying to hide what they had done from God, God made them leave the beautiful home of Eden that he had made for them and they would now have to suffer for everything in their lives!
See, Lying and covering up the sins that you've committed causes you to lose sight of God's plan for your life and it pushes you away from the blessings of God!
Also another story in the bible that we can look into is the story of Cain and Abel, Cain was the older brother and Abel was the younger brother, Cain was a keeper of the ground and Abel was a keeper of Sheep, Cain decided to bring God some of the Fruit from his garden as an offering and Abel decided to bring the firstborn of his sheep as an offering to God, God accepted Abel's offering and found it honorable but he turned away Cain's offering because it wasn't honorable to be an offering to God, That made Cain very angry and bitter toward his little brother and so one day Cain plotted to kill his brother Abel and he did so in the field! God asked Cain "what have you done?" "where is your brother?" And Cain replied "I do not know, am I my brother's keeper?" And God said "what have you done? the voice of your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground!" "Now you are cursed from the ground that received your brother's blood from your hand!"
Cain lied to God and murdered his own brother because of the anger and jealousy in his heart, in return Cain was cursed the rest of his days and not only that but Cain had a mark placed on him that all man could see and know of what he had done! Cain was cursed all because of his lies and his sins, It really makes a person think now doesn't it? The lies we tell can and will change the way people see you and it will cause us to fall from God's grace..You cannot lie and make it into Heaven! Is it really worth it to lie to others and to God? No, it's not worth it because you will eventually lose everything that you have and you will also lose your "trust-worthy friends" so before you choose to lie to someone no matter what it is you lie about..Ask yourself this, would I give up everything just to tell a lie that will cost me eternity in Heaven?
I hope this makes you think..Because it's no laughing matter at all! Lying is hurtful to others and to yourself but more importantly it's hurtful to God and it makes him sad in his sight!
 Please think about what you say this day and everyday because the words you say is what's in your heart and God looks upon the heart which means that we cannot hide our lies or anything else from God!
Speak life today into yourself and into other people's lives and speak the truth at all times!
Remember this..Truthful lips are blessed lips and God will bless you by surrounding you with friends who also speak the truth! Choose your words carefully today and speak the truth!

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