Thursday, February 13, 2014

~Wanting Perfect Love only a Savior can give~

Naturally being Valentines day I'm going to talk about Love but not the kind of love that one finds from a person but the kind of love that is perfect and unfailing..I'm talking about the love from a Savior!! I'm a very romantic person and that can be a very good thing but it can also be a bad thing because the heart is so deceiving to us humans! I'm the kind of person who is only watching and waiting for the right man to come into my life and it's harder these days to imagine finding a "good man" living in this world in these times! I know that there are Godly, good men somewhere out there, and I only want to be in God's will for my life, whether I meet someone sooner or later is up to God because I'm leaving it up to him and surrendering the power to him because God knows my heart and he knows me far better than I know myself! I'm trusting him and placing my future plans in his hands because he is never failing and the love that I truly need is found in him..I don't need to find that love within a man because I know that kind of love doesn't exist in a man..True Love that never fails can only come from God! I want to encourage the singles out there to be as patient as you can be, I know it's not easy and I know you're lonely but God has the perfect person waiting for you out there and it will be worth it and it will feel right because guess what? IT WILL BE RIGHT! God's choice is the best choice as a mate! Trust in God!

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